Customized Quartz Lens

Customized Quartz Lens

We offer customized LED lens solutions ranging from different silica quartz quality (JGS-x) and specific angles. With our partners, we can offer you a tailor-made solution, that will precisely fit the needs of your system. Our experienced engineers will help you develop the optimal LED at a cost-effective level.

1. LEDs in the specific wavelength from 260+
2. High-efficiency AlGaN based die with maximum performance.
3. High reliability, long life, environmental protection, and energy-saving.
4. Application areas: sterilization, medical phototherapy, optical sensors, biological analysis/detection.
5. Available in 3535 and 3838 packagings.

Although all LEDs are tested by our equipment, some values may be slightly different depending on the conditions of the test equipment.


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